Onslow Engineering manufacture, import and market:

Mixers, dispersers, mills, pots and associated equipment for the surface coating industry.

Processing, mixing, filling and packaging equipment for the food, pharmaceutical and other industries.

Industrial washing equipment for the meat, bakery, automotive (degreasing), material handling, confectionery and small goods industries;

Industrial waste equipment.

Continuous Aeration Equipment

Collette nv was founded in Antwerp in 1892 as a manufacturer of mixers and kneaders for the bakery industry. Over the years the equipment range expanded and diversified to cover equipment for other industries, such as the automotive and from the early fifties, the pharmaceutical industries.

From the experience Collette has gained in more than a 100 years of equipment manufacturing of which more than 50 years for the pharmaceutical industry, constant innovation and improvement of the machines has become Collette’s trademark. As a reward for its constant focus on quality, innovation and service, Collette was awarded the ISO 9001:2000 standard certificate, as well as the ISO 14001:1996 certificate for the Environmental Management System company. For example, the location in Wommelgem, close to the port and airports of Antwerp and Brussels, allows easy access for customers and shipping of equipment.

As part of the Niro Pharma Systems Group within GEA, Collette is able to offer many advantages in support and synergy including full process line design and turn key project management. The other companies within the group are all leading suppliers to the pharmaceutical industry and include Courtoy, Aeromatic-Fielder, Buck and Niro. The known quality of the equipment, constant innovation and improvement with a focus on service are Collette’s major assets, but other issues also play an important role in the success of the Process.