Onslow Engineering manufacture, import and market:

Mixers, dispersers, mills, pots and associated equipment for the surface coating industry.

Processing, mixing, filling and packaging equipment for the food, pharmaceutical and other industries.

Industrial washing equipment for the meat, bakery, automotive (degreasing), material handling, confectionery and small goods industries;

Industrial waste equipment.


Onslow Equipment


A floor-mounted hydraulic emptying press with optional dosing head and complete with hydraulic powerpack and necessary controls suitable for use in conjunction with special mixing vessels.


Fabricated from steel sections forming a floor mounted bridge frame incorporating lifting beams for automatically lifting the vessels, hydraulic pressure cylinder with pressure plate and dosing head with metering device.


The system is complete with tub locating pads to ensure that the vessel is accurately positioned under the press head assembly.


Unit complete with hydraulic powerpack unit mounted in main frame base section. Drive motor of 7.5 kW and including the necessary hydraulic controls and interlocks for the hydraulic system for the main press head and dosing head with foot pedal control on the dosing head. Main pressure plate hydraulic system with dual speed, ie fast approach speed and press-out speed, the latter giving a working pressure of 85psig and a filling rate of 20 litres per minute. Including the necessary hyraulic connection lines and hoses.


This plate will be connected to the hydraulic ram and have a diameter equal to the inside diameter of the vessel. The pressure plate is fitted with special 'O' ring seal to operate against wall of vessel. Contact parts in Type 304 stainless steel.


Dispensing head spring-mounted on front of press with quick-connecting coupling to vessel. Hydraulically operated volumetric suitable for handling high viscosity products with adjustable metering range. Metering head incorporating three-way valve with special seals and mounted on roller bearings. Seals which come in contact with the product can be made from rubber, viton or as otherwise required. Product discharge pipes to suit custmer's specification. Incorporating a pneumatic control with foot pedal device for easy operator control.


All external sufaces finished in polyurethane type paint finish.

Push buttons, starters and wiring are available.